Naba Admix WR- 100
Product Introduction: Naba Admix WR 100 is the best quality admixture that use as water reducer, damp proofing & salt preventive admixture in construction industry. By using Naba Admixture reduces water insulation and preventing damp and salt of construction. It also increases workability, higher cohesion, easier placing, reduces air into construction, reduces drying shrinkage cracks, reduces risk of concreate segregation and bleeding, best compaction and world class finishing, increases ultimate strength and durability of building. Naba Admix WR 100 is the best admixture that is proved by BUET, DUET, and BCSIR etc.

Places of use: Naba Admix WR 100 admixture is used in all types of constructions works especially in plaster, pilling, basement, roof, slabs, column and beam. It is also used in underground water tank, concreate joint, swimming pool, drainage, bridge, culvert and etc.

Rules of use: Normally 250-300 ml of Naba Admix WR 100 admixture is used with each bag of cement. If the admixture remains in unused after opening the bucket the lid of the bucket should be closed tightly and it should be used within next 30 days. Using Naba Admix WR 100 does not cause of sores on the hands or feet. It is best to use within 24 months from the date of manufacturing.