Naba Doctor Salt Wash

Naba Doctor Salt Wash and Damp Wash is 99% effective in removing damp or salt infested areas from plaster, concrete, brick or stone exteriors.

Place of use: Exterior of buildings made of plaster, brick, concrete or stone.

How to use:
1. Scrub the salty area of ​​the wall.
2. Soak the affected area thoroughly with water.
3. Use a salt wash with a brush on the affected area.
4. If the walls of an older house have more dampness, use salt wash directly.
5. Use 1 kg of salt wash mixed with 1 kg of water if there is less damp/saltiness on the wall.
6. Allow the walls to dry for 24 hours after using Naba Dr. Salt Wash, then paint or whitewash when thoroughly dry.
7. Rules for use of brick Naba Dr. Salt Wash – For every 1 kg of salt wash, mix 10 kg of water and soak the bricks thoroughly, then use the bricks as required.

Precautions in use:Ø  No painting or any other work shall be done before application of Naba Dr. Salt Wash/applied area is completely dry.Ø  In case of accidental contact with eyes, rinse with clean water and seek medical advice if necessary.Ø  Best used within 24 months from date of manufacture.